Yes, we have many Bagged vehicles over 1000hp that both daily and track their vehicles on the ¼ mile drag strip and road course tracks. We actually own a Bagged Nissan GTR that is over 1000hp that we track as well.

Yes, we bag 100s of daily driven vehicles annually with great success. We also all have driven Bagged vehicles daily here at Air Ride Equipment for years. We drive with our children in the vehicles, on vacations out of state and to shows and events normally out of the area without problems as well as daily driving.

Air Lift Performance has been making air suspension parts since 1949. That is almost an unbelivable 75 years. We are living in an exciting time where technology has advanced the air suspension industry in a way that has truly made Bags user friendly for everyone.

The only maintenance required with air suspension is drainning the moisture out of the system with the supplied parts. Air suspension has become advanced making it a truly user friendly choice these days for everyone without any prior experience.

It is often said in our industry that in most cases Bags will outlive the life of the vehicle. With the minimal proper maintenance an air suspension system will last as long as any other aftermarket suspension when installed correctly. 

No, you do not, although we use 2 compressors on all the installations we complete here at Air Ride Equipment to help promote compressor life longevity and overall peace of mind due to redundancy.

Either way is fine. You can park aired up or aired out without damaging the air suspension system.

It is always a good idea to get an alignment at your new ride height after installing air suspension on your vehicle.

Yes, over 20 years ago our founder Bagged our 1st cutomer’s vehicle. As the industry has improved over the years with products like the Air Lift Performance 3p management we have had the ability to complete 1000 installations in the last 4 years alone.


Yes, it is as easy as putting the vehicle at the height you want and holding the desired preset button down similuar to setting your favorite station on your car stereo.

Yes, as long as all the preset heights being used while in motion are set in a manner that they are high enough for safe driving. Releasing the air out of the Bags completely while in motion is never recommended.

No, changing your vehicle’s battery will not erase your preset heights although we do recommend taking a picture of your presets for future reference. 

The 3p is the world’s leading pressure based air suspension management system that we have installed on over 1000 different vehicles of various year, make and models. 3h is the height sensors and harness that can be used in conjunction with the 3p main harness and ecu. 

If you have additional questions, please reach our support team at [email protected]

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